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Retirement isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Traveling is great…but after 6 months of waking up late, traveling, and various projects, I realized that I missed my customers, and cars, in that order. The only ‘logical’ thing to do was to get my dealer’s license. So, I did and boy is it great.

Don’t get me wrong, having a dealership is great, but nothing beats the feeling of helping a friend get a great deal on a great car. Comparing this to dealing with the manufacturer, weaving your way through pages of repetitive paperwork, and trying to make sense of all the manufacturer’s recalls…simple is definitely better.

Today, my wife Terri and I own and operate Lake City Wholesale. We run our business as an ‘Auto Concierge Business.’ We help our friends and former customers in all areas of automobile ownership, including the following: New and used vehicle purchases.
Wholesale buying and selling.
Servicing your vehicle.
Advice and referrals for qualified body shop repairs, custom accessories, and tires & wheels. We are able to do this through almost 30 years of relationships here in the Pacific Northwest. After spending years on various manufacturer’s regional advertising boards and regional dealer councils, I have gotten to know dealers from Oregon to Alaska, and Washington through Montana. After over ten years and two terms as President on the Idaho Automobile Dealers Board, I am fortunate to be on a first name basis with a majority of the new dealers here in Idaho. Combine this with an almost non-existent overhead, and we get to take care of our friends and former customers with a great car or truck at a great price…and at this point in life, it doesn’t get much better…

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